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Gta 5 Tips – Tricks and More

GTA 5: complete solution with cheats, tips and tricks – letters, UFO parts, bridges, Monster stunts and more

In our complete solution for GTA 5, we guide you through all the main story missions, provide tips for foreigners & freaks and tell you where the UFO parts (spaceship), letter snippets and Epsilon treatises are. The GTA 5 solution also contains the locations of hidden packages U-boat parts, Monster stunts and aerobatics locations with bridges in the near future. Where nuclear waste in GTA 5 collect can be, our guide tells us also. In addition to tips and tricks, also first GTA 5 cheats wait for you. If you are looking for a complete Gta 5 Guide you should check the new and improved online guide here.

gta 5 los santos

With our GTA 5 complete solution we lead you not only through all main story missions or freaks & strangers, but to tell you the locations of hidden objects. In addition to helpful tips and tricks, our solution to GTA includes 5 first cheats, with which, for example, different vehicles on the road can be trick. Order you reaches the 100-percent mark in GTA 5 However, it applies to complete various quests. The GTA 5 solution contains therefore also the location of UFO parts (spaceship), letters, Monster stunts, aerobatics with bridges, nuclear waste, U-boat parts and Epsilon treatises.

Where Rockstar Games in Los Santos has hidden packages you can find out the solution to GTA 5 also. The GTA 5 complete solution also includes the achievements and trophies that can unlock it in the open-world action. We can present you first general tips and tricks to help you get started in the world of GTA 5 you on this side of the walkthroughs. Her calls solution the individual missions, the main story of GTA 5 via the table of contents at the bottom of each page of this GTA 5.

Note: The GTA 5 complete solution is currently in development. We will regularly update the Guide. Do you also have tips and tricks for GTA 5 in stock? Then nothing as off it in the comment section. Other players definitely appreciate you need to know more! Tips for stock trading in GTA 5 there here’s at this link, tips for real estate in GTA 5. On our topic page GTA 5 you will find many more news, videos and screenshots to the open-world action by Rockstar Games. GTA 5 is available since 17 September for PS3 and Xbox 360 in the trading.

GTA 5 solution: General tips

gta 5 tips for new players

In GTA 5, you can expect more information on the HUD. Links below, you can see the minimap that shows you a part of Los Santos including your mission objective and character. In the minimap to zoom out, you have to push down your directional pad. Directly below the map you will find the status bar for your health (green), armor (blue) and special ability (yellow). Have you completed a mission and they want to again play to crack, for example, the 100% mark, so you can do this via the game menu. Just press the Start button on your controller, navigates to the “Game” tab and under “Mission play again” choose your mission. By the way you can see your progress at the secondary and main missions here directly. Word of advice: you download the “Ifruit”app in the app store for your Smartphone, you can teach new tricks to dog “Chop” on this Franklin and tune your car. If you then log in to the game, you can check you the result.


gta 5 vehicles

Also the transportation plays an important role in GTA 5. There are several ways available to you. Her classic entwedet a car, where you either steal one, or you stop a vehicle and unbuttons the driver before you. Who would have it a little faster, can call Santos at the taxi company of Los via in-game-Smartphone that you reach with the d-pad “Above”, and ordered a taxi. Are you first entered, you can switch through the goals, where your driver to take you. Her pressing the X and A button on your controller (PS3, Xbox 360), skip the trip and are immediately at the destination or waypoint.

Of course, you have also the possibility to use public transport in Los Santos. The tram and the bus are available you here. In both, you can enter in the respective bus stop and come from A to B. But also on the water or in the air you can’t move on, assuming the appropriate vehicle. Who wants to keep his favorite car, by the way, should always make this in the garage so that it is still present during the next visit of Los Santos. In the tuning shop you may also beef up your vehicle. Here Rockstar allows you several options: each area is well covered by rims on the paint and brakes. Provided that necessary change.

Characters and special abilities

GTA 5 you play the three characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Each of the protagonists has special skills which can make you you use: Michael is, for example, in the slow and when shooting. With Franklin you dominated your vehicles like no other. Should you do a detour in airy height, the crazy Trevor as ex-soldier and flight pilot is your man. Change can you between the characters at any time with keeping the pad “Down” and the selection by the right stick. Each of the three protagonists also has a special ability, which come during the individual missions to good and that you can trigger by pressing the two analog sticks.

Characters and special abilities

Michael can activate à la Max Payne during the fight scenes of bullet-time. Franklin focused while driving on the road and this slows down with its special ability. This is very helpful especially for car chases. You’re on the go, with Trevor you think more with your special ability and deal also according to more damage. Whether your special ability is available, you can read below the minimap on the yellow bar. You want to the time in GTA 5 with ancillary activities make you, you should also use all three characters. Only with Trevor, you can perform, for example, the missions “Randle”. You want to pay a visit to your psychiatrist, this is only possible with the character of Michael.

Wanted level / cops

gta 5 cops

Also GTA 5 offers classic again you the Fahnungslevel in the form of stars. Total, you can capture you five star by your misconduct and rush the SWAT team on you. The higher the level of investigation, more police officers will be you on the heels and even more difficult to escape. As soon as you see the cops, the minimap in the colours blue and Red flashes. Once you’re out of sight but, the star in the upper right of the screen will Flash and you’re looking for. This noticed her on the map by the vision cone of each patrol car. It is now, to avoid this, otherwise the white police immediately, where you’re up and the cat and mouse game starts. To shake off the cops, first exit out of their sight and hide in a small side street. Stops for a while – the Fahnungslevel will disappear. You should also learn more about the new Grand Theft Auto 5 Inventory system and how it works.


gta 5 smartphone

Your phone played an important role in GTA 4. Each character has a Smartphone that offers you several features in GTA 5. For one you can check your mails and SMS, to obtain new information and on the other hand, you have the opportunity to call your contacts. Also a quick save function for your score is accessible via the Smartphone. So, you must each time looking for your home and sleep set you can save. The checklist provides you your mission progress and more statistics. How many hobbies are there and how many of them have I practiced already with my character? You learn all this through the checklist app for your Smartphone. Of course, as a high-tech device has a camera, which you can enable. So, you have the opportunity to take photos of you and your environment. Rockstar GTA 5 donated a private Internet, that you can call by cell phone. Here can you buy not only new vehicles on the corresponding Web pages, but also your real estate survey or check your stocks.


gta 5 ifruit

IFruit app, Rockstar Games released a companion app for GTA 5. The free program can currently download for iOS. Versions for Android, Windows phone, and PS Vita should follow. The possibility to Franklin’s dog chop stroke with the app, train and to go out with him. More you you examines chop, he becomes better and stronger in the game. For example, a collar, you buy him about iFruit he wears it also in Grand Theft Auto 5. In addition to chop the dog also the vehicles can be about iFruit pimps. Pewr Smartphone changes the motor you, builds a better brake or painted to your vehicle. That is complete, you can pick up the changes in a workshop in GTA 5.


GTA 5 offers some new controls. With the L1 or LB button your Controlles, you call on the weapon menu. Here you can by right stick selection meet. With the R1 or RB button, you go behind objects for cover. This is especially difficult missions with great fight battles of advantage. A tumble performs her press L2 + squared or RB + X. Activate the stealth mode in the game by pressing the left of stick. Do not like the camera setting? Tune with the select or back button just another! Your character’s special ability is after pressing the two sticks available.

When the PC version of the game is released we will have a new guide for that platform.

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