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Rockstar Games created even another masterpiece with their most recent Grand Theft Auto V breaking record sells and claiming itself as the most sold video game ever. The immersive universe of GTA 5 is so complex and looks so real it becomes like a second life. Gta 5 Online captures all the essence of its predecessors adding a more realistic and detailed spin. To help you dominate the game and rise to the top we are happy to present you this incredible gta 5 online guide.


Some of the things you will learn with this manual:



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We have put Gta 5 Plus Team to the test and this is the list of the things we found that shouldn’t b overlooked by any serious gta 5 player:


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Final personal notes


I’m very glad that i embraced this opportunity. I’m a big GTA fan but i was never the kind of player that looked at the game as some kind of competition, to be more direct, i was a big NOOOB. With Gta 5 Plus i changed my way of seeing things and now i’m part of a team comprised of the best GTA 5 players in the world. Learning al the secrets and becoming a top player myself. Playing with the gta 5 plus team has been one of the most entertaining experiences i ever had with a online game and i recommend this guide to everyone that wants to be a the top and be called a top dog. Its no fun when you are poor, even when its just a game ; )

Left 4 Dead 2 vs GTA 5

Left 4 Dead 2 vs GTA 5

Left 4 dead 2 meets GTA 5: Modder bring Trevor in the survival game

GTA 5 for the PC will be released if and when, is not known. Although notes on a PC version, such as, for example, a GTA 5-profile in the catalyst driver, can be found again and again but there is no official confirmation on the part of rock star. Now thanks to a mod, Trevor Phillips, but also on the PC players be – namely in left 4 dead 2.

Left 4 Dead 2 vs GTA 5

Left 4 dead 2 is already appeared in November 2009, the interest in the survival shooter is undiminished. Only last December steam announced a new record was achieved inter alia through L4D2: round 7.5 million players were online at the same time. About 130,000 users left played 4 dead, what was certainly also the fact, that the survival shooter was offered temporarily free of charge. Meanwhile, there is a reason again to start the game around four years old again. Modders have released a modification, which integrates the GTA 5 known Trevor Phillips in left 4 dead 2. A download of the modification is possible via the page

You don’t know Trevor? In addition to Michael and Franklin, Trevor is the most weirdest character. He is 40 and a true choleric, beginning what makes him dangerous. Previously, he was a military pilot and knows Michael from his raids. Other than Michael, he enjoyed his life but on the wild type with drugs and alcohol, what you would see in him. The tattoos also come from the wild life of the man of who wears a “cut here” on the skin.

gta 5 pc version release date

PC Version to be released in June

GTA 5 rumour: Release of the PC version in June?

On a PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is speculated for several months. Meanwhile, the release of the new part of the GTA series for PC seems still more likely. The Czech side called the June 13 as the release date of the PC version. It would be a day after the end of E3 2014 in Los Angeles.

gta 5 pc version release date

For months, there are rumors about a possible PC version of GTA 5. While fans of the GTA series may play since September on the consoles in Los Santos, PC gamers still banned await an announcement of the fifth part of the PC. In the meantime, there are new rumors that GTA 5 in June 2014 for the PC could appear. The Czech side is called as the PC version of GTA 5 release date 13 June.

What appears initially as arbitrary release date turns out closer than sense. This year’s E3 takes place from 10 to 12 June 2014 in Los Angeles. The Czech Web page is to be believed, Rockstar would publish so one day the fifth part of the GTA series after the end of the this year’s E3 for PC. So far Rockstar still not to the rumors has want to not be expressed, we will keep you informed but. Everything for GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto 5 there on our topic page.

rockstars sued

Rockstar Sued by Mafia’s boss Daughter

GTA 5: Daughter of mob boss sues Rockstar Games to 40 million US dollars

In Grand Theft Auto 5, there is a story in which, without to spoilers – the daughter of a mafia boss plays a role. This story has so much similarity according to view of a real mafia boss’s daughter to her history and her father, that she sued Rockstar Games now to 40 million US dollars.

rockstars sued

Karen Gravano seems fairly unknown in Germany, but in the United States, there is a television series called “Mob wives”, which she has long been involved at least three seasons. The series is about wives and daughters of US gangsters and their life. Gravano is relatively well known in the United States, even if it is in the current fourth season, no longer around.

Gravanos father was the mafia Underboss Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, a powerful representative of the New York mafia. As a Deputy of the boss John Gotti he revealed this later in the US – Federal Bureau. This real story wants her father to Karen Gravano now rediscovered auto 5 in Grand Theft have and damages compensation calls even from Rockstar Games in addition to $ 20 million more $ 20 million.

The daughter of mafia boss mentions as grounds, Rockstar Games copied not only the history, but also their own appearance in the game without a permit have used. She also work on a second book should have treated the “lesser-known aspects of history” that the rock star used pirated games. While the developers of the game, whose working respect them, could have at any time easily obtain a permit for the use and prevent the action. Rockstar has taken no position games even to complain, since it does not comment on legal matters.

gta 5 ps4 xbox one

Gta 5 Important Announcement

GTA 5: Adjusted rumors to E3 announcement for PS4 and Xbox one, intro from James Bond “Skyfall” in the game

At the Sony event “destination PlayStation” in Scottsdale, Arizona, their upcoming matches presented behind closed doors game publisher representatives from retail. Rock Star should have backtracked at the last minute, allegedly but to plan a big announcement for the E3 this year.

gta 5 ps4 xbox one

The Schweigevereinbarung, who had to sign all those present at the Sony event “destination PlayStation”, seems to be largely respected, but some minor information leak as usual anyway. On the event in Scottsdale, Arizona, new title presented from the retail Publisher representatives, that are not even known to the press to the part.

Actually, also rock star may have had games something “Fantastic” in the luggage, but had decided at the last minute against a demonstration. Instead there are but an announcement at E3 this year. The announcement of Grand Theft is considered most likely variant car 5 in a next-gen version for one of Xbox and PlayStation 4. What’s going on these rumors it is, can be, but does not say.

A new YouTube video, however, is clearly tangible by brass Ballas, who actually managed to recreate a scene from a James Bond movie with GTA 5. More specifically it is the intro from the last bond Strip “Skyfall” Velvet fist fight on a moving train. The shots were quite difficult, according to the authors, since the game did not always what was desired. Therefore unsuccessful shots but was an amusing blooper video. You can find both new GTA 5-videos below this message.

Characters and special abilities

Gta 5 Tips – Tricks and More

GTA 5: complete solution with cheats, tips and tricks – letters, UFO parts, bridges, Monster stunts and more

In our complete solution for GTA 5, we guide you through all the main story missions, provide tips for foreigners & freaks and tell you where the UFO parts (spaceship), letter snippets and Epsilon treatises are. The GTA 5 solution also contains the locations of hidden packages U-boat parts, Monster stunts and aerobatics locations with bridges in the near future. Where nuclear waste in GTA 5 collect can be, our guide tells us also. In addition to tips and tricks, also first GTA 5 cheats wait for you. If you are looking for a complete Gta 5 Guide you should check the new and improved online guide here.

gta 5 los santos

With our GTA 5 complete solution we lead you not only through all main story missions or freaks & strangers, but to tell you the locations of hidden objects. In addition to helpful tips and tricks, our solution to GTA includes 5 first cheats, with which, for example, different vehicles on the road can be trick. Order you reaches the 100-percent mark in GTA 5 However, it applies to complete various quests. The GTA 5 solution contains therefore also the location of UFO parts (spaceship), letters, Monster stunts, aerobatics with bridges, nuclear waste, U-boat parts and Epsilon treatises.

Where Rockstar Games in Los Santos has hidden packages you can find out the solution to GTA 5 also. The GTA 5 complete solution also includes the achievements and trophies that can unlock it in the open-world action. We can present you first general tips and tricks to help you get started in the world of GTA 5 you on this side of the walkthroughs. Her calls solution the individual missions, the main story of GTA 5 via the table of contents at the bottom of each page of this GTA 5.

Note: The GTA 5 complete solution is currently in development. We will regularly update the Guide. Do you also have tips and tricks for GTA 5 in stock? Then nothing as off it in the comment section. Other players definitely appreciate you need to know more! Tips for stock trading in GTA 5 there here’s at this link, tips for real estate in GTA 5. On our topic page GTA 5 you will find many more news, videos and screenshots to the open-world action by Rockstar Games. GTA 5 is available since 17 September for PS3 and Xbox 360 in the trading.

GTA 5 solution: General tips

gta 5 tips for new players

In GTA 5, you can expect more information on the HUD. Links below, you can see the minimap that shows you a part of Los Santos including your mission objective and character. In the minimap to zoom out, you have to push down your directional pad. Directly below the map you will find the status bar for your health (green), armor (blue) and special ability (yellow). Have you completed a mission and they want to again play to crack, for example, the 100% mark, so you can do this via the game menu. Just press the Start button on your controller, navigates to the “Game” tab and under “Mission play again” choose your mission. By the way you can see your progress at the secondary and main missions here directly. Word of advice: you download the “Ifruit”app in the app store for your Smartphone, you can teach new tricks to dog “Chop” on this Franklin and tune your car. If you then log in to the game, you can check you the result.


gta 5 vehicles

Also the transportation plays an important role in GTA 5. There are several ways available to you. Her classic entwedet a car, where you either steal one, or you stop a vehicle and unbuttons the driver before you. Who would have it a little faster, can call Santos at the taxi company of Los via in-game-Smartphone that you reach with the d-pad “Above”, and ordered a taxi. Are you first entered, you can switch through the goals, where your driver to take you. Her pressing the X and A button on your controller (PS3, Xbox 360), skip the trip and are immediately at the destination or waypoint.

Of course, you have also the possibility to use public transport in Los Santos. The tram and the bus are available you here. In both, you can enter in the respective bus stop and come from A to B. But also on the water or in the air you can’t move on, assuming the appropriate vehicle. Who wants to keep his favorite car, by the way, should always make this in the garage so that it is still present during the next visit of Los Santos. In the tuning shop you may also beef up your vehicle. Here Rockstar allows you several options: each area is well covered by rims on the paint and brakes. Provided that necessary change.

Characters and special abilities

GTA 5 you play the three characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Each of the protagonists has special skills which can make you you use: Michael is, for example, in the slow and when shooting. With Franklin you dominated your vehicles like no other. Should you do a detour in airy height, the crazy Trevor as ex-soldier and flight pilot is your man. Change can you between the characters at any time with keeping the pad “Down” and the selection by the right stick. Each of the three protagonists also has a special ability, which come during the individual missions to good and that you can trigger by pressing the two analog sticks.

Characters and special abilities

Michael can activate à la Max Payne during the fight scenes of bullet-time. Franklin focused while driving on the road and this slows down with its special ability. This is very helpful especially for car chases. You’re on the go, with Trevor you think more with your special ability and deal also according to more damage. Whether your special ability is available, you can read below the minimap on the yellow bar. You want to the time in GTA 5 with ancillary activities make you, you should also use all three characters. Only with Trevor, you can perform, for example, the missions “Randle”. You want to pay a visit to your psychiatrist, this is only possible with the character of Michael.

Wanted level / cops

gta 5 cops

Also GTA 5 offers classic again you the Fahnungslevel in the form of stars. Total, you can capture you five star by your misconduct and rush the SWAT team on you. The higher the level of investigation, more police officers will be you on the heels and even more difficult to escape. As soon as you see the cops, the minimap in the colours blue and Red flashes. Once you’re out of sight but, the star in the upper right of the screen will Flash and you’re looking for. This noticed her on the map by the vision cone of each patrol car. It is now, to avoid this, otherwise the white police immediately, where you’re up and the cat and mouse game starts. To shake off the cops, first exit out of their sight and hide in a small side street. Stops for a while – the Fahnungslevel will disappear. You should also learn more about the new Grand Theft Auto 5 Inventory system and how it works.


gta 5 smartphone

Your phone played an important role in GTA 4. Each character has a Smartphone that offers you several features in GTA 5. For one you can check your mails and SMS, to obtain new information and on the other hand, you have the opportunity to call your contacts. Also a quick save function for your score is accessible via the Smartphone. So, you must each time looking for your home and sleep set you can save. The checklist provides you your mission progress and more statistics. How many hobbies are there and how many of them have I practiced already with my character? You learn all this through the checklist app for your Smartphone. Of course, as a high-tech device has a camera, which you can enable. So, you have the opportunity to take photos of you and your environment. Rockstar GTA 5 donated a private Internet, that you can call by cell phone. Here can you buy not only new vehicles on the corresponding Web pages, but also your real estate survey or check your stocks.


gta 5 ifruit

IFruit app, Rockstar Games released a companion app for GTA 5. The free program can currently download for iOS. Versions for Android, Windows phone, and PS Vita should follow. The possibility to Franklin’s dog chop stroke with the app, train and to go out with him. More you you examines chop, he becomes better and stronger in the game. For example, a collar, you buy him about iFruit he wears it also in Grand Theft Auto 5. In addition to chop the dog also the vehicles can be about iFruit pimps. Pewr Smartphone changes the motor you, builds a better brake or painted to your vehicle. That is complete, you can pick up the changes in a workshop in GTA 5.


GTA 5 offers some new controls. With the L1 or LB button your Controlles, you call on the weapon menu. Here you can by right stick selection meet. With the R1 or RB button, you go behind objects for cover. This is especially difficult missions with great fight battles of advantage. A tumble performs her press L2 + squared or RB + X. Activate the stealth mode in the game by pressing the left of stick. Do not like the camera setting? Tune with the select or back button just another! Your character’s special ability is after pressing the two sticks available.

When the PC version of the game is released we will have a new guide for that platform.

gta trilogy maps

Developers React to Hot Coffee Mod Comments

GTA 5 Developer Interview: Reaction to hot coffee mod “Attacking video games”

GTA 5 Developer Interview: The hot coffee scandal in GTA: San Andreas was an attack on video games, so Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser to the expressed its guardian. “Our company was going through was a really hard time”, Houser said in looking back on the dubious mod for GTA: San Andreas. For GTA 5 the developer expressed also in the interview.

Developers React to Hot Coffee Mod Comments

Video player is currently forward to GTA 5. The new open-world action by Rockstar Games to come early next year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on the market. Rock Star could end up another success with Grand Theft Auto 5. However the last years for rock star were games not only shine hours. In an interview with the guardian expressed Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser in retrospect on the scandalous hot coffee mod for GTA San Andreas. “We not felt attacked because of the content, but because of the media – which is a little unfair. Landed all the content in a book or movie, no one would have even batting shrugged. “, so GTA 5 Developer Dan Houser in the interview with the guardian.”

The former incident rock star games and the press had impact on the relationship between GTA 5 developers. According to Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser, the time was also the company to a hard test. “It was a really tough time in the company”, so Dan Houser in the GTA-interview with the guardian next. According to Houser, today’s society have more issues to discuss than such content. In the spring of 2013, the new work from the House of Rockstar Games has GTA 5. It remains to be seen whether auto 5 again there a such scandal in terms of Grand Theft. Since then, also the stimulation threshold for taboo in video games have moved on.

First GTA 5 is announced for Xbox 360 and PS3. How Rockstar Games already confirmed, you will focus on these two versions currently. After the release, we will consider in addition to a PC version may also have a Wii U version of GTA 5. This depends on however, as the Wii U audience for Grand Theft Auto 5 be relevant. In a PC petition to GTA 5 PC Player may cast their votes for an implementation. You can find more details, trailers and pictures of GTA 5 on our topic page to Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA 5: High-res maps for the Grand Theft Auto trilogy released

gta trilogy maps

While the world still waiting for GTA 5, developer to Rockstar Games has now three high resolution maps GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas released. So the classics were published, while only recently as a download for the PlayStation 3 the third part and Vice City for IOS and Android devices are available.

After we have today reported lunch on new release to rumors GTA 5, Rockstar Games has now three high resolution maps to GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas released. Who wants to so prepare yourself for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 and miss anything in the game worlds of the classics, is very well served with the maps. Were, after all, GTA: San Andreas and GTA 3 download titles for the PlayStation 3 released, while the third part and GTA: Vice City for IOS and Android devices are available.

Look at you can get the high-res maps for the Grand Theft Auto trilogy in our gallery below this message. There you can watch you the footage in full resolution. When GTA 5 ultimately the latest offshoot will appear the open-world series, remains still to be seen. Perhaps it can be as far as in spring 2013. To further shorten the waiting time, rock star had released five brand new screenshots for GTA 5 games but only this morning.

The New Gta 5 Inventory System

The New Gta 5 Inventory System

GTA 5: Inventory system, diving, well-known figures and more – Q & A for details

Small detail information about GTA 5 could readers of the U.S. magazine game informer of editors during a question – and -answer session to elicit. Among other things we learn, that it known no reunion with characters from GTA: San Andreas or its predecessors there. The inventory system or the swimming ability of the heroes are the focus.

The New Gta 5 Inventory System

new information about GTA 5 announce the editors of us magazine game informer in a Q & A with their readers. Therefore, it will be possible, for example to dive under water again. Also, we learn that the developers at Rockstar already of liberty city have thought during the development of the episodes about a location for GTA 5. For a typical implementation of Los Angeles, there will be of course numerous boats in GTA 5, where you can take the wheel.

In the question and answer session to GTA 5, it also involves the inventory system of the open-world action. Therefore, all three main characters have an own inventory and an own balance at current stage of development. Changes to this system are still quite possible according to developer Dan Houser. Fans of the previous figures from past GTA games be sadly disappointed. Neither from GTA 3, Vice City or San Andreas well-known figures in GTA 5 will appear.

Accordingly there will be no meeting also with Carl Johnson, although Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas was already the scene. Only GTA 4 some familiar faces may be possibly to see. On the question of further platforms for GTA 5, the editors by game informer could deliver also no further information than what is already known by Rockstar. The full you read question – and -answer session on the website of the game informer. You can find more news and information about GTA 5 on our topic page. Check the new Gta 5 Guide to know everything about this system and  how it will change the way you play Gta.


GTA 5: No support of PlayStation move and Kinect

gta 5 kinect

GTA 5 supports neither PlayStation move (PS3) yet Kinect (Xbox 360), has announced such as rock stars Dan Houser in a recent interview. The mini-games such as tennis, golf and yoga in GTA 5 can therefore not playing the motion controls.

The motion controls PlayStation move and Kinect are not supported by GTA 5, amended, rock stars Dan Houser has said in a recent interview with IGN. The developers have written rather on the flag, to seamlessly integrate the mini-games GTA 5. Mini-games would support the motion controls, players must constantly between controller and Kinect or PlayStation move change. For a seamless gameplay, it was not suitable according to Houser.

The release of GTA 5 is scheduled for spring 2013. Rock Star a specific release date so far not called games. As platforms, the company currently provides PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If GTA 5 for PC and Wii U, is not clear so far. In the same interview, Houser of such versions of Grand Theft moved auto 5 at least in consideration. Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-AIME said in a recent interview, that you wanted to create the perfect conditions for a GTA 5 with the Wii U. More news, videos and screenshots can be found on our topic page GTA 5.

gta 5 pc

Gta 5 PC Version coming soon?

GTA 5: Dealer advertises PC version of Rockstars action game

A games dealer from Belgium and the Netherlands advertises a PC version of GTA 5. According to the website and a print ad of the retailer’s new action game not only for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but also for the home PC appears Rockstars.

gta 5 pc

Is GTA 5 PC? That question preoccupies the fan base for several weeks. Developers gave rock star with statements to the PC version so far extremely behind the mountain. It is only sure that the game on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 will be. Now the display of games shipping but causes a stir. The trader, who is active in Belgium and the Netherlands, promotes open hot expected blockbuster a PC version of rock stars. Hopefully the release date will be known soon.

A PC version can be pre-ordered on the Web page of the retailers. Also the page shows a series of photos that shows a printed advertisement of the dealer, whereby the game “PS3, X 360 & PC” will be available. What do you think of this message? Write us a comment! You can find also on our topic page more information and new reports to GTA 5.

gta 5 release date

Release date to Be Defined By Retailers

GTA 5: release date should be determined according to British online retailers

So far, there was still no exact date regarding the GTA 5 release date. A British distributor lists a specific day when the new action game from Rockstar Games in the trade come but for the first time. Learn more in the message.

gta 5 release date

GTA 5 fans waiting for a concrete release date of the game for some time. Developer Rockstar Games has further back with binding statements. Now, there will be a concrete date to reach the game in trade. As you read on the homepage of the British e-commerce ASDA direct, GTA 5, starting May 17 will be available.

That is not necessarily absurd to but also the recent titles have been published in this month all of rock star. Of course far from clear is whether the game but really appears on this date. What do you think to the possible launch date? Leave us a comment. Here, you’ll come to the side of the seller, where is GTA 5 for 17 May. On our GTA 5 theme site gets you also constantly new information to the eagerly anticipated action title.

gta 5 interview

Interview With the Gta 5 Developers

 GTA 5: “there is still much to do before the release date” – Leslie Benzies by rock star in the interview

After GTA 5 Finally got a second trailer, are now the guys at Rockstar Games slightly more talkative and told in an interview with, why to do something will be GTA 5 on every corner. Also, the video game producer about the work on the upcoming action-adventure about the development and the thoughts behind Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) which said.

gta 5 interview

GTA 5 received the second trailer, long-awaited by many fans on Wednesday. The public bit by bit more knowing for the next Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) seems slow. Thus, Leslie Benzies spoke of rock star in an interview with about the action adventure game published in the spring of 2013. Leslie Benzies is now involved in the ninth Grand Theft Auto and reveals that the players in the recent offshoot “to do something on every corner will have.”

“The gigantic proportions of GTA 5 mean that you, no matter where you are on the map, something will have to do. Whether one is now located in the Centre of Los Santos or somewhere in the middle of nowhere located”, Leslie Benzies said in an interview. Also the producer issued a statement to a perfect innovation in GTA 5, a feature that previously did not exist in the series: “But not only the size of the game world is a first for the GTA series, also the possibility to be able to go anywhere from the outset, is completely new,” Benzies betrayed.

But also the new opportunities that are available to the player during the missions in GTA 5 available, were part of the interview. So the orders in Grand Theft Auto 5 “far freer provide than what we previously have made”. It is known that the player in many places of the game between the three protagonists back and can switch. You can read the entire interview to GTA 5 after clicking on our link. More to the game, including the latest trailer, you find as usual on our extensive topic page to Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5).